X-Men slots

If you love the movie series and comic book X-Men, then this video slot machine is a no-brainer for you to enjoy. Go ahead and join Wolverine, X-Men and the rest of the crew as they battle their way to fortunes on this fun visually enhancing slot machine that you will be able to enjoy hours of playing on. The comic book and movie series needs very little introduction, which is why they have been featured as one of the most popular video slot machines that have ever been offered. You know it has to be good if the team at Marvel is working on the project.

You will be able to encounter almost all of the characters from the movies including both heroes and villains displayed on the reels. One of the best features of this game is the Heroes and Villains free spin bonus round where the amount of free spins is actually unlimited when playing on the Heroes mode of the slot machine. Think about the fun you could have with unlimited amount of spins! There is a large selection of wild cards and scatters throughout the slot machine in addition to some of the highest pay out rate percentages in the industry. This is primarily why it has had such great success with mainstream video slot machine players.

Enjoy a round of the X-feature, which allows you to win a spot prize whenever the X-Men form together an X symbol. This is one of the only video slot machines that offer such a unique way to win. After forming the X you will notice that you will continue to win because of the great odds this game has. If this is your first time playing one of Marvel’s video slot machines then you have came to the right place. X-Men video slot machine is quite possibly one of the visually enhancing and top played games in the industry. Enjoy big wins and fun animation as you spend your times battling the villains to your fortunes in the reels!