Thunderstruck slot

The thunderstruck slot machine game was one of the most graphic intense games that were ever created at its time of conception. It amazed players by its theme based on Thor (meaning thunder), a god from the scandinavian mythology,  because of the unique theme that had not yet been seen before. Since then it has grown a very large following and has a recent release of a new game called Thunderstruck 2.

Thunderstruck though has held its ground and still entertains millions of people around the world as one of the top slots game available online. The reels consist of letters, numbers, horn symbol, hammer symbol, and lightning bolt. Matching any of these symbols sequentially, in a row, will payout a big jackpot that will quickly fill your bankroll.

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The bonus games within the Thunderstruck slot machine game are unique and great fun when hit. To activate the free spins you must hit three or more Ram symbols within a single spin. There is also the wild symbol that is represented by the Greek god Thor. When you hit the wild symbol it will substitute the symbols apart from the scatter symbol, which will increase your odds of winning.

Lastly what makes this game unique is the gamble feature that you can activate upon hitting it with any win. You have the opportunity to double your win by choosing a red or black card. By choosing correctly you can win double your earnings which can be a large winning as you could imagine.

You can easily learn how to play Thunderstruck online. You can easily increase or decrease the amount of win lines you want to bet on in addition to the amount you want to bet by clicking the plus or minus buttons.  Then to get started simply click spin and you will see the five reels start to spin. Good luck!