Lucky Lady’s Charms

Lucky Lady’s Charms has been one of the most popular and original video slot machine since late 2003. Ever since the launch of the fun and addictive game, it has grown a cult like following of people that can’t get enough of Lady Luck and her bag of charm’s she has to offer to her players. Novomatic machines included it under the Cool Fire 1 software release, which at the time was a huge feat in the online video slot machine industry. Only three years after the launch of the game it was reported that it was everywhere in the world where slot machines were located and because of the success a new edition of the game was launched in 2010.

When you begin to play Lady Luck’s Charms you will quickly understand why it is one of the leading slot machines in their line-up. It is quite literally one of the most played online video slot machines in the world with a plethora of winning options and bonus features that will keep your luck running. When you first launch the game you will be entices by the corky, yet fun symbols that remind us of the early days of video slots that we all love to relive.

To learn how to play the game is very simple and does not have much of a learning curve at all to it. There is a maximum bet per line of 100 and the minimum of only 1. So choose whether you want to play frugally or a high roller! Lucky Lady’s Charms as 9 lines to choose from; 9 lines is always recommend since it will give you a better chance to create combinations. After choosing how much you want to bet and the amount of lines to bet, simply click the start/spin button to get your luck rolling. One of the cool features is you can gamble your winning to double up the entirety of money from the given lines.

Enjoy a classic video slot machine game and become one of the many followers of Lucky Lady’s Charms today. Good Luck!