Just jewels

With fun, colorful and mesmerizing symbols, Just Jewels will keep you going for hours. This slot machine has a huge jackpot waiting for you to hit and watch all the jewels cash and treasures rain down into your fortunes. The slot machine offers 5 reels and 10 different pay lines to choose from during game play. Your biggest objective while playing is to get more diamonds. The more diamonds you receive the more money will hit your wallet! It was released in early 2010 by no other than the amazing Greentube Company, who is notorious for releasing suspenseful high pay rate slot machines.

This online slot game is a very unique gaming experience because the winning combos can be won from both sides of the screen. Being different than other slot machines, it offers a whole new experience by having the winning hands start from left to right, so just imagine the possibilities available. There are scattered symbols as well and the money sign become a combo when combined with other symbols on all reels.

Players take a liking to the jackpot offered in Just Jewels because all you must do is collect three crowns anywhere on the screen, so there is no order needed. You can hit up to five jackpot symbols which is a 50x win of what ever you bet, make sure to try your luck at that. The game is commonly called the diamond slot machine because there are numerous ones to collect, especially the heart shaped diamond, which will bring in big money. The symbols range from jewels, diamonds, gold bards, money signs and money piles in addition to scattered crowns.

Although this game does not have any bonus rounds, you still have the option to double your winnings. You can choose whether or not you want to hit the gamble button and go for the big money! If you like shiny objects such as diamonds and jewels, are into more of a simplistic approach to your gambling and love colorful combinations then Just Jewels is your perfect online slot machine.