Judge Dredd

If you are a huge comic buff and especially a fan of the infamous Judge Dredd, then this slot machine will be a page-turner for you! The popular video slot machine maker, Next Gen, has created an immersing gaming experience that follows the Judge in the streets with his amazing powers. He is famous for his quickness to laying down the law and giving the evil what they deserve. The game requires no download and can be played on all computers. Even better news is that it all streamlines from your browser so you can come back to it whenever you want to let the Judge take action!

This slot machine is a five-reel game with 25 pay lines to choose from. So the combinations of winning are truly endless because of the many options available to choose from. Just imagine seeing Judge Dredd in action across all of your five-reels and offering huge payout. The game as amazing audio and visual effects that light up your screen, all while offering big payments through out your gaming experience. There are a multitude of different symbols to enjoy during the game. They include the original card numbers and letters that have been colored with electrifying colors and rugged outlines. Some of the other symbols are of Judge Dredd himself, his powerful gloves that make him so powerful, his famous gun that can fight off any enemy and other graphics and icons that represent that comic.

Fun graphics, audio and animation aren’t all this online slot machine has to offer. It has a plethora of great features that can help you win big and spend hours of game play on this one slot machine. There are wild symbols that scatter throughout the reels offering you even bigger innings in addition scatter symbols that do a number of different things. It doesn’t end there though, it also has multipliers that pop-up very frequently, bonus games, free spins and so much more! Enjoy the classic comic book character Judge Dredd and help him defend your riches and the enemies that are after them!