Free Harry trotter slot machine – Casino slots

Harry Trotter is a quirky and fun game that is based on the famous magical land of Harry Potter but instead we follow the adventures of Harry, the lucky porker. The Harry Trotter slot machine game is filled with magical potions and creative letters for symbols that will truly give you the feeling of playing a wizardly game.

This game is filled with several bonus games that will keep you busy and keeping your credits nice and plump for even more game play. There are 3 bonus games that Harry Trotter offers to its players. The first is the magical map bonus game that is activated with 3 bonus scatter symbols scattered on reels 1, 3 or 5.

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The first bonus game is the magic mirror spins which will give you a selected amount of free spins with expanded reels. The second bonus game is the trail of magic which is a board game. You start by rolling the dice and which allows you to move along the trail unveiling multipliers.

At the end of the game you are rewarded an amount that correlates with how long you were able to stay on the trail, it then is multiplied by the amount of multipliers you picked up along the way. The third bonus game is squeal or no squeal. Essentially your select a book which will show you a cash prize, you then can select squeal to accept the cash or no squeal to be able pick a new cash prize.

Learning how to play Harry Trotter slot game is very simple and similar to other games. Click the + or – buttons to increase or decrease your bet from 20p up to £500. Then to start your game just click spin and you will be on your way in guiding Harry Trotter on his magical adventure.