Gladiator slot

The Gladiator slot machine  was created so you have the opportunity to be taken into ancient Rome and battle as if you were a Gladiator in the coliseum. The graphics are high quality and almost seem to jump at you because of how real they look. Enjoy the sounds of the ancient Roman Empire with every spin and battle you partake in while playing this slot machine. It is a 5 reel system that has up to 30 winning payout lines to bet on. It features two different wild symbols, a scatter symbol, a fun click me feature and an intense fighting bonus game that will take you in the heart of the action. Enjoy all that this game has to offer and feel victorious after filling your personal bankroll up after every win.

The bonus game that is featured in this slot machine will put you right in the middle of an intense fighting battle with a victorious win that will fill your pockets with prizes. In order to activate that bonus game you must hit the Coliseum, Villain and Hero symbols consecutively on either the 1,2 and 3 or 2,3 and 4 reels. When you begin to play you will be presented with a Gladiator to fight on your behalf and then you get to sit back and see the fight happen right on screen. To win you must attach and block attacks; for each one you win bonus credits. Every fight is different so it is a truly unique bonus game that is always different.

Learning how to play Gladiator slots is very easy and not hard at all to get a good understanding of it In order to increase or decrease the bet amount per line just click the bet per line column. To select the amount of wining payout lines to bet on click the select lines column. To begin your Gladiator adventure and battle click the spin button and the battle will begin!