Ghostbusters slot machine

If you were a big fan of Ghostbusters and have dreamed to take on the ghosts yourself then the Ghostbusters slot machine online is a great game to play to fulfill your dream. It is an action filled slot machine game that has many bonus games, fun graphics, silly jokes and exciting sounds that will keep you playing for hours at a time.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Ghostbusters slot game is the unique symbols it has that pops up on the reels. Included symbols are the ghost blasters, featured characters, the ghost mobile and other fun objects from the movie. You will have a blast revisiting all of your favorite moments from the movie while playing a casino slot machine online.

The best feature of the Ghostbusters slot is the fun bonus games that are included. There are two bonus games that you have a chance to activate. The first is the ballroom buster’s bonus game. To activate it you must get two bonus symbols anywhere on the second and third reels and a slimer bonus symbol on the fourth reel. In the game you will be able to shoot five proton gun shots to hopefully unveil six ghosts in the room. Every time a ghost is unveiled you win a cash prize. The second game is the stay puft bonus game. To activate this game you must get two bonus symbols on the second and third reels and a stay puft bonus symbol on the fourth reel. Then it will trigger eight free spins on 40 lines, so the winning potential is huge.

To learn how to play Ghostbusters it is very simple. To increase or decrease the amount you bet or the payout line amount simple click the plus or minus buttons. To get started just click the spin button and start gambling away.