Fruit cocktail

Fruit Cocktail is one of the most popular and most searched online slot machine available. It has a very original and classic feeling to it that many people enjoy for that reason. No crazy graphics, no flashing lights and no loud sounds; just colorful graphics that are easy on the eyes that create an enjoyable and relaxing experience. If you love creating cocktails and enjoy being reminded about those yummy fruity concoctions then the slot machine Fruit Cocktails is your perfect pick. It features a 5 reel system and up to 9 winning line payouts you can bet on. This style is the original one released when video slots first came about. The max bet is 225 coins and the minimum bet is 1 coin, so it is perfect for all budgets and style of gambling.

There is a fun bonus game that allows you to play a hand of 5 card poker during your video slot gaming. Fruit Cocktail does a great job integrating the card game and a slot machine together while still offering an amazing video slot experience. When you start your game and are presented with a strawberry character you are given the chance to take or risk your winnings. If you risk your winnings you will then be presented with a game of 5 card poker. The dealer will present you with a card and you can decide to bet more or take your money. This bonus game can quickly become a money maker if you are great at 5 card poker.

If you want to learn how to play Fruit Cocktail there is very minimal you must learn. In order to increase or decrease the amount of winning payout lines to bet on you can select the 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 buttons on the bottom of your game. If you want to bet one or bet max you simply click the buttons presented on the bottom. To get started with creating a yummy Fruit Cocktail simply click start and you will be on your way.