Dolphins Pearl

This popular video slot machine game has been around since early 2006 and has grown a huge following of Dolphin and casino lovers alike ever since. If you want a splash of fun with some sea critters and classic symbols, then Dolphins Pearl is the best choice for you to get your swim on while gambling! As you play this game you will experience those original sound bites and background music that we all grew to love when it first was released. You can also enjoy the classic look of animated and simple symbols; which makes it easy to understand and fun to play.

Some of the fun symbols that are included is the pearl, dolphins, tropical fish, stingrays, crab, crown fish, sea horses, and all of our favorite basic symbols A, 10, J, Q and K. One of the main reasons why so many people enjoy playing Dolphins Pearl is because of the simple, yet fun, icons for symbols. One of the nice touches they included in the video slot machine is the animation that triggers when you set off a win on the reels. The fish typically dance and have a great time helping you find the fortunes under world.

One of the main goals in Dolphins Pearl is to lineup three pearls on the same screen to be rewarded with 15 free spins. Typically most video slot machines only offer 10 free spins but in Dolphins Pearl they decided to splash it up a notch and offer 5 more free spin’s; which gives you even better chances to win! Some other things to keep in mind about the game is the double up your winnings option. When you win you can hit the gamble or double button, a feature is then toggled and offers you a chance to double all your money. Dolphins Pearl has 9 lines to choose from to bet on and has a minimum of 1 to bet and a maximum of 100, if you are feeling like a high roller!

Splash around and have some fun with Dolphins Pearl and try your luck at hitting rich with the all-inclusive Pearl symbol that we all are hoping for. Good Luck!