Betfair casino review


Typically when most people hear Betfair they think of their famous betting exchange online that many of us enjoy but in reality they have a lot more to offer like their Online Casino. It is commonly said that Betfair offers some of the best value for its players on amount invested in the casino. There are several solid benefits that Betfair offers and has over its many competitors currently out there. One thing that they have the ability to associate themselves with is security. Since Betfair has such a solid reputation most players feel protected and trust them with their games. In addition to security they are also known for the great payout percentages and huge jackpots that can be won in their Online Casino.

Betfair Zero Edge

What makes Betfair Online Casino unique compared to the rest of the other online casinos is the zero edge gaming they offer. Unlike most casinos where the house has the advantage and the edge over the player; Betfair offers house edge that is levied on the payout. What this means is that you receive clean odds on each bet you place. This will allow you to have an increase chance in winning more often in addition to hitting better hands. There are several games that offer Zero Edge, included are Jacks or Better, Zero Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. You are either an online casino gamer for one of two reasons; because it is a hobby or you want to make money. With Zero Edge gaming it makes the game more enjoyable and your chance of winning increases because there is no house advantage.
Game Variety
There are 100’s of casino games that you can enjoy and occupy yourself for hours. With so many games there is for sure something for everyone and you will quickly find your favorite games to enjoy. The casino games include tables, cards, video games and original slot machines. On top of the common games that you expect to see in an online casino; they also offer interactive live games that include live Blackjack, Baccarat, European Roulette and Diagonal Roulette. What is also unique is the Baccarat and Blackjack games offer real live dealers which brings online casino gaming to a whole new level.

Bonus Offer

It is no secret that the amazing bonuses with online casinos is what attracts many players to online casino gaming. Betfair Online Casino does not skip out on sign-up bonuses and deposits. When you first sign-up they offer you a welcome bonus which is a £300 deposit match bonus. This is by far one of the best sig-up bonuses within online casino gaming.
Overall Betfair Online Casino is one of the safest, reliable and popular online casinos. They offer a large library of games to choose from, have solid 24/7 support and offer great incentives to new casino players.  Get started today and get up to £300 in free matching game play. The casino is waiting for you!