Batman slot

Begin playing this dark slot machine game by choosing to play as Batman or the Joker. It is a big choice because depending on which one you select the gaming experience is very unique and different. The opportunity to either serve and protect the dark night or cause pure destruction and chaos is up to you, either way it is a fun gaming experience that you will enjoy for hours of gaming experience. Most of us would agree that he was a superhero favorite of many of us growing up, so what better way to enjoy those memories again then playing the Batman slot machine?

Enjoy high quality graphics, crazy sound effects and fun bonus game features that can really fill up your bankroll quick if you trigger the right features.

If you choose to play as Joker the first bonus game that you can activate are the agents of chaos bonus round where you will have the ability to choose from 12 masks and put a smile on their face. Each mask will return winnings and those winning grow with every mask unveiled. If you chose to play as Batman you can unlock the sonar bonus game where you will be given the chance to check out his bat cave and have a choice of selecting 6 out of 12 boxes to uncover prize money. Once the boxes begin to match the bonus game will end. There is also a universal bonus game that is called the sleight of hand, which has the Joker’s cards face down on the table and flip over as many as you can and receive as many face cards as possible.

To learn how to play Batman slot game is very easy for anyone to understand. In order to increase or decrease the amount of paying lines simply click the bet line button; this goes for the amount of money you want to bet as well. To get started either protecting or destroying Gotham City, click the spin button.